PNHP-CA advocates for state and national single payer legislation. We develop relationships with our Senators and Representatives to promote bills and monitor their progress through committees. While our 501c(3) status prohibits us from campaigning for individuals, we do endorse and campaign for bills that advance single payer.

Current pending national legislation:

The Medicare for All bill HR 3421, introduced by Jayapal and Dingell.
Senate bill S1655, introduced by Bernie Sanders.

Ask your federal representatives to co-sponsor and champion these bills.

Links to California’s federal representatives:

US Senate–CA

US House of Representatives

Ask your state representative to support health care reform.

Unsure who represents you in California’s Assembly and Senate, or how to contact them?

Find out here!

Current California Legislation:

SB770, a bill to investigate federal waiver requirements for state single payer legislation, sponsored by Healthy California Now. It has passed both legislative houses and awaits Gov. Newsom’s signature. 

AJR4, a resolution to have President Biden end ACO/REACH and improve traditional Medicare, sponsored by California Alliance of Retired Americans, and introduced by Pilar Schiavo. AJR4 has passed the legislature. No governor’s signature is required. Labor and Democratic councils, and healthcare reform groups were instrumental in the successful passage of this resolution.