Take action

  • Join a local chapter  and meet other healthcare providers who share the vision of universal health care.
  • Become a California Medical Association delegate to strengthen our voice and influence.
  • Sign up for our resolutions campaign and join forces with like-minded PNHP members to push our state, local, and specialty medical organizations toward an unqualified embrace of care access and health justice through a single payer system.
  • Schedule a grand rounds and invite one of our California speakers to present or co-present. Contact pnhpca@pnhp.org to engage a speaker.
  • Write letters to the editor. The public appreciates the physician point of view regarding health care reform, and our personal stories.
  • Talk to other physicians about the advantages of a single payer health care system:
    • Reduced burnout from release of administrative burdens.
    • No affordability issues for their patients.
    • Their family members always covered despite location and insurance status.
    • Less costly system allows more benefits and comprehensive care.
    • Lower malpractice insurance rates as all future care is covered.


If work and family do not allow time for activism, please join as a member to be counted, or make a donation to support our work.