Social Justice

Single payer health care is a social justice issue

We believe single payer is a SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUE: people of color, women, LGBTQ+ communities, immigrants, and people with disabilities are disproportionately uninsured and unable to receive the care they need. Single payer would provide comprehensive health insurance equally for every American. This is an important and crucial step toward a more just society. 

We believe single payer is a LABOR ISSUE: health care costs increase every year for workers while wages remain stagnant. Single payer would free access to health insurance from employment. No more eligibility fluctuations based on jobs, injury, incomes, age, retirement, marriage, divorce. 

We believe that single payer is an ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE: adverse health effects of climate change remain unmitigated and have a greater impact on low income communities and people of color. Single payer can provide sufficient funding and resources for public health that addresses adverse health effects caused by inequitable exposure to pollutants and ensures a timely, comprehensive competent response to regional and state-wide health crisis.

We believe single payer is an ECONOMIC ISSUE: taxpayers and businesses waste billions of dollars annually to subsidize pharmaceutical and insurance corporations’ profits without ensuring health care security. It’s time to put people over profits. 


Who are the uninsured in California?

The infographic below was created by Social Security Works for the All Means All Campaign. All Means All is a campaign to center racial equity and the elimination of minority health disparities in the creation of Medicare for All.

9 Freedoms of Health Justice

Article by Ira Dember:  9 Freedoms of Health Justice. A Sample DECLARATION OF FREEDOM: | by Ira Dember | Medium