Partners and Allies

California Alliance for Retired Americans

The California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) is a statewide nonprofit organization that unites retired workers and community groups to win social and economic justice, full civil rights, and a better, more secure future for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

California OneCare

California OneCare is an online organizing network that exists to activate and empower people like you into a grassroots and netroots movement for universal health care in California.

Health Care for All - California

HCA is a statewide non-partisan, non-profit organization of volunteers. The HCA board of directors is made up of elected representatives from regional chapters. We are supported by donations and fundraising activities. We encourage all single-payer supporters to become HCA members by donating!


Healthcare-NOW is fighting for a national single-payer healthcare system because access to healthcare is basic to human dignity.

Healthy California Now Coalition

PNHP-California is a founding member of Healthy California Now, a statewide coalition of organizations and activists dedicated to establishing a single-payer, Medicare For All system in California.

Labor Campaign for Single Payer

Taking the Labor Movement to the forefront in the fight for single payer healthcare, because it's time to take healthcare off the bargaining table