AJR4 clears Assembly Health Committee

The California legislature just passed Assembly Joint Resolution 4 (AJR4), a resolution asking President Biden, HHS Secretary Becerra, and the CMS director to discontinue the privatized ACO/REACH Medicare program. The resolution was introduced by Assemblymember Pilar Schiavo and Sen. Mike McGuire at the request of CARA, the California Alliance of Retired Americans. Legislators were lobbied by the Movement to End the Privatization of Medicare under the leadership of Dr. Ana Malinow, as well as PNHP-CA, HCA (Health Care for All), and other social justice organizations of seniors and disabled people. Resolutions do not require the governor’s signature. 

  Here is a link to the resolution: AJR4

Read more about ACO/REACH at http://protectmedicare.net