As physicians, we care about our patients and we are concerned about: 

  • The corporate domination of our healthcare system.
  • Authorizations which delay or deny our patients’ treatments 
  • Unfilled, unaffordable prescriptions. 
  • Untreated hearing and vision impairments, dental disease, and inadequate mental health and substance abuse services.


We care about our patients and we worry about the patients we don’t see:

  • People uninsured through job loss 
  • People with high deductibles who don’t come in at all or decide against recommended healthcare because of costs. 


We care about our patients and we are frustrated by:

  •   Endless authorizations–for drugs, tests, surgeries, treatments, referrals
  •   Appeals–for  drug and treatment denials, payment denials
  •   Long complex encounter notes to satisfy billing requirements.


Physician frustration has led to a higher incidence of burnout in our profession.

We care about our patients and we know there are better systems of healthcare than ours.

We know that our patients’ premiums pay for:

  •  Insurance marketing
  •  Complex administrative systems 
  •  High CEO salaries
  •  Insurance profits


This money would be better spent on expanding benefits and covering all costs.

We care about our patients and we understand the socioeconomic and racial inequities and public health costs of:

  •  Lack of healthcare access 
  •  Inadequate insurance
  •  The frequency of devastating medical debt and bankruptcy from severe and chronic illnesses. 


We care about our patients and we are motivated to heal our broken healthcare system with single payer/Medicare for all, a program proven to be successful in many countries. It will provide universal and comprehensive quality care to all of our patients while saving us the time, expense, and aggravation of byzantine administrative systems. A single payer health care system will allow us to care for our patients in a meaningful, compassionate manner.

If you are a health care provider, please join us so we can do what we are trained to do: care for the whole patient, and give peace of mind that all recommended care is available without risk of financial insecurity.