What We Do

The mission of Physicians for a National Health Program California (PNHP-CA) is to educate and advocate for the establishment of a fully publicly financed single-payer health care program in California and the nation.

PNHP-CA is a founding member of Healthy California Now healthyca.org, a coalition of health professional groups, unions, and political activists who are working toward single payer for California.

In a nutshell, we:

Hold conversations

Hold conversations with colleagues in clinics, hospitals, and medical societies and present grand rounds. Participate in professional societies and become delegates for change.

We speak with community, labor, business, and  faith-based groups to provide a vision of what a functional and just healthcare system will look like.

Advocate for single payer legislation with elected representatives.

Work in coalition with other groups that conduct research; publish editorials and letters to the editor from our vantage point as medical professionals.

We also study health care in the US and internationally.

Work in coalition with other groups that advocate for health care reform, as well as social and environmental justice groups.

Hold regular chapter meetings for education, discussion, and program planning.

Mentor students and sponsor student internships.