Leadership and Organization

Nancy Greep
Dr. Greep is a retired internist. She established a chapter of PNHP in Santa Barbara and serves as its chair. Her interest in health reform began while teaching residents in a primary care clinic that served indigent patients. She saw the stark difference between the care she could give her private patients and the care the residents could provide to clinic patients who were either uninsured, on local County limited scope insurance, or on MediCal. She believes everyone should have access to the same high standard of care.
Stephen Adair Vernon, MA, MFT
Stephen Adair Vernon, MA, MFT along with an extensive career in non-profit public Mental Health services has been in private practice for nearly 40 years. Stephen is a co-founder of Therapists for Single Payer, a board member of Healthy California Now—the statewide coalition of organizations for Single Payer and is a member of PNHP’s Bay Area and State steering committees. He presents frequently to grassroots, political and multiple health care disciplines about the basic issues of Single Payer and the specific needs for mental health and substance abuse services in the current and any future healthcare system.
Henry Abrons, MD.
Henry L. Abrons, MD, MPH (Hank) graduated from Harvard College in 1965 and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in 1970. He did residency and fellowship training in New York City, Chicago, and at West Virginia University where he was Associate Professor of Medicine specializing in pulmonary disease and critical care. In 2001 he moved to Highland Hospital in Oakland and retired from clinical practice in 2007 to work for health care reform. He is a past board member and current advisory board member of Physicians for a National Health Program and served four years as president of the California chapter.