Abortion and Single-Payer Healthcare

Access to abortion can be restricted or denied by employer-based for-profit health plans. This discussion, Abortion Access and the Right to Healthcare will discuss the advantages of a single-payer system for access to reproductive healthcare.

This was an incredibly powerful group of talks from Unions that are fighting for their members’ reproductive rights. You can watch the event at this link: https://click.actionnetwork.org/ss/c/oZT1C-8NKsWHlAiWATd-7BYYvMMkIuw8sNfomcpiH0BzkGlZLgO0zq40A4ztR5zvwpnfA88jDnGnNxUbhnXGBDfbBKHAjhMyHFbauRRQ1fTFglrLi0JjDRYQ3J7iVW2H3YcMUq647zpsOMvykuF85sLglKlcjX4YpkgaDPW3HefLz-xuAYHkOjB31XTHMHZiXRLMX6Hbamu2HCjnM7Nr6YeWnQOZZLuQgHkK8tpBhe8jcqGglJ3n9JnPC2c3F_bF4HAHXLHTVVhHZGyhcty6yS1-DM8ZPCP51pDaB77i-foIPwDgdUv_Ta4TjVHFAKoR5MM5MEhiyk4OBh8ZpW0LpQ5xibhx-74nWJzyPMVfcNFkzs7uZf7O5rccv2Br2Z5mBFCtD2k_czBGP4XgL-uvSsQEtJ4VAveSGqtiIl4-Ukq5Kq-05Iz1kjGCAHUwJaQ8Cvg3aLx-jBN_NESOfCxLJZib1TEyG4MeKduJZ-oNYspePyZKaAXXINTN8H6iH31x/3qh/hlETorWITFyzqvVvCvaD-g/h0/iIY6N-kw6XYBIjcow7ckp_4UkAfZq5oLoKui4_ktfC8

Join us and Sara Nelson (President of AFA-CWA), Dee Dunn (BMWED/IBT), Maggie Carter (Starbucks Workers United, Knoxville), Martha Valadez (News Guild / CWA Michigan), and Rebekah Nelson (Minnesota Nurses Association) to learn about what unions have been doing in response to the Supreme Court decision, why it’s bad to rely on your employer for reproductive health coverage, and how single-payer / Medicare for All will cover not only abortion access but the broader scope of reproductive rights such as wellness visits, birth control, in vitro fertilization, and gender-affirming care. We look forward to seeing you there. Solidarity!